Survey Ape App
Survey Ape App
Survey Ape App(international)

Survey Ape is a surveying application that runs on smart mobile devices and is mainly used for roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, subways, municipalities, and other projects. It can connect to instruments wirelessly and receive measurement data in real time, eliminating the trouble of manual input and avoiding problems caused by input errors. Using the powerful processing capabilities of the mobile phone, the results can be calculated instantly, coupled with an intuitive graphical display. It features accurate calculations, ease of use, efficiency, intelligence, and convenience.

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Connect instruments
Connect instruments to obtain coordinate data in real time

Connect the total station and GNSS receiver to receive measurement data in real time. After being connected, it can replace the original factory program for setting out. This saves you the trouble of manual typing and avoid problems caused by typing errors. Currently supported total station brands include: Leica, Topcon, South, Sokkia, Pentax, GeoMax, Nikon, etc. Supported GNSS receiver brands include CHCNAV, South, HI-Target ,Alpha,UniStrong,STONEX,etc.

Point and line staking related to CAD

Open the local CAD drawing file on the mobile phone and select any point or line segment for staking.

Tunnel section measurement

It provides integrated solutions for tunnel engineering section measurement, excavation contour staking, section scanning and acceptance, batch data processing, and graphics generation.